Meeting Minutes 11/3/15

Eynav Ovadia – Swing Dance Club  want to make a big fall swing dance event 11/21 7:30pm Fac/Staff or Chandler Ball Room…waiting on room assignment don’t have a contract with band (Hot Buttered Nuggets) but they’ve worked with them before and confirmed it’s $750 Band: 750 Food: 25 Decorations: 25 approved unanimously Inter Club Association…

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Meeting Minutes – 10/27/15

Rachel Finston – Jewish Student Association and Hillel gave updated information from last week’s meeting Film – November 10th at 7 Dinner – Friday, November 13th approved unanimously Zaachary Truex – Circle K International Eliminate Contract – district-wide club project to raise money for pre-natal tetanus vaccinations doesn’t require funds for advertising $40 for baking…

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